your arrival must the crime h▓ave been perpetrated” “From seven to te▓n hours.” “So that—” ▓ “So that the crime must have bee▓n perpetrated between eleven ●and two o’clock.” “Good.—Now,


▓Doctor, here is a handkerchi●ef which the captain says he took from t●he prisoner on the morning of his arres●t.Do you recognize it” “▓I do.”

“Go on—what about it”


“It was▓ submitted to me for chemica●l analysis—to analyze the substance▓, with which it is discolored●.” “And you found” “I found th▓at

it was stained with bloo


d●,” “Human blood” “Precisely.”● “About how long had it been shed ●Did its condition indicate” “From its co●ndition when submitted to

me—tha▓t is, at about

noon on the 13th—I inferr

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ed that● it had been shed not much les●s nor much more than twelve ▓hours.” “Thank you, Doctor,” said the

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lawy▓er.To Epstein, “Your witness.” “One mo●ment, Doctor,” said Epstein.Turning t▓o me, “You can give no explana

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ti●on of this circumstance” he whispered▓.—“None,” I answered.—To th▓e witness, “Doctor, blood may ●be shed in divers

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ways, may i▓t not This blood on the handkerchief,▓ for instance—it might have come from—say, a▓ nose-bleed, eh” The s

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urgeon smiled, hesit▓ated, then replied, “Possibly, thoug?/p>

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坔 not probably.Its quality is rather that o

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f ●blood from a wound than that of blo●od from congested capillaries.But i●t is quite possible.

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” “Y●ou can go, Doctor.”—To me, “Are you sure yo▓u didn’t have a nose-bleed on th

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e night i▓n question”

“I know nothing a●t all about it.” The next witness was ▓a woman. She said she was● the janitress of the apartment-house, ▓No.—Eas

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t Fifty-first street▓.I

t was a portion of her duty as suc▓h to open the street-door when the bell was● rung.On the evening of July 12th, she had ope▓ned the door and

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admitted the prisoner betwee●n seven and eight o’clock. “Can ●you say at what hour the prisoner left the▓ house” “Yes, sir, I can.It was a warm ni▓ght, and me and my husband were seated▓ out on the

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